opened in November 2015, bringing together two very differently specialized tattooists. We try to keep at same length realistic and illustrative tattooing through our common working spaces.


JURASSIC - previously Jurassic Tattoos in Duisburg´s old commercial docklands. Previously just Giogiò, collaborating with different studios in western Germany and in Milan, Italy.

SUBMERGE - previously and still Karsten Koch, collaborating with different studios in western and southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria.



12th-16th July 2016 - GIOGIÒ - guest spot at Tigerstyle Tattooing, Hamburg - DE 

19th-21st August 2016 - Cagliari Tattoo Convention - IT

19th-24th September 2016 - KARSTEN - guest spot at Freibeuter Tattoo, Winterthur - CH

27th September-1st October 2016 - GIOGIÒ - guest spot at Anarchist Tattoo Collective, Heidelberg - DE

8th-9th October 2016 - Monster Ink Tattoo Convention - Venray - NL

18th-22nd October 2016 - KARSTEN - guestspot spot at Cross my Heart, Bonn - DE

11th-13th November 2016 - Brussels Tattoo Convention - BE


16th - 17th August 2016 - MANULIBERA TATTOO - https://www.facebook.com/manuliberatattoostudio

15th-19th November 2016 - TAYRI RODRIGUEZ - FB: TAYRI Rodríguez